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Powershell – Updating Active Directory Objects Using from a CSV

Below are possible ways to update active directory objects using data contained in a CSV.

Without a CSV:

Get-ADUser Soma.Bright -Properties SamAccountName | Set-ADUser -Replace @{SamAccountName="Bright.Soma"}

Using a CSV with “identity”:

$file=import-csv "AccountInfo.csv"
foreach($dataRecord in $file) {


Get-ADUser -Identity $SamAccountName -Properties EmployeeType | Set-ADUser -Replace @{EmployeeType=$EmployeeType}

Get-ADUser -Identity $sAMAccountName | Set-ADUser -Department $Department

Using a CSV with a “filter”:

Import-module ActiveDirectory 
$userList= Import-Csv '.\List of Users.csv'
foreach ($userin$userList){ Get-ADUser -Filter "SamAccountName -eq '$($user.sAMAccountName)'"-SearchBase "DC=subdomain,DC=company,DC=com"-Properties Company |% { Set-ADUser $_-Replace@{Company = 'Deliveron'} } }If you then wanted to query AD for those users to make sure they updated correctly, you could use the following query using Get-ADUser:foreach ($userin$userList){

Get-ADUser -Filter "SamAccountName -eq '$($user.sAMAccountName)'"-SearchBase "DC=subdomain,DC=company,DC=com"-Properties Company | Select SamAccountName, Name, Company


Updating Multiple values:

 Import-Module ActiveDirectory  

$users = Import-Csv -Path c:\update.csv

foreach ($user in $users) {
Get-ADUser -Filter "employeeID -eq '$($user.employeeID)'" -Properties * -SearchBase "ou=Test,ou=OurUsers,ou=Logins,dc=domain,dc=com" |
Set-ADUser -employeeNumber $($user.employeeNumber) -department $($user.department) -title $($user.title) -office $($ -streetAddress $($user.streetAddress) -City $($user.City) -state $($user.state) -postalCode $($user.postalCode) -OfficePhone $($user.OfficePhone) -mobile $($ -Fax $($user.Fax) -replace @{"extensionAttribute1"=$user.extensionAttribute1; "extensionAttribute2"=$user.extensionAttribute2; "extensionAttribute3"=$user.extensionAttribute3}

For more info please see the below links:

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